Ronaldo after winning Serie A title: ‘Dedicated to all who suffer from pandemic’

Cristiano Ronaldo clinched his second Serie A title with Juventus on Sunday. The Portuguese super star helped his side with a goal to claim a 2-0 win over Sampdoria. After the game Ronaldo, who now has 35 goals this season, and his team-mates celebrated the win in the dressing room. Ronaldo dedicated the title to all his fans and especially those who have been suffering from the corona virus pandemic.

“Done! Champions of Italy,” he wrote on Instagram. “Delighted for the second consecutive championship and to continue building the history of this great and splendid club. This title is dedicated to all Juve fans, in particular to those who have suffered and are suffering from the pandemic that has taken us all by surprise by overturning the world.”

“It was not easy! Your courage, your attitude and your determination were the strength we needed to face this tight final of the championship and fight to the end for this title that belongs to all of Italy. A big hug to you all!” There are two games left to play in the Serie A as Ronaldo is still hunting Ciro Immobile to win the top scorers title in the league. Ronaldo has 31, Immobile has 34 goals.