Alisson Becker: ‘We have won the league for the people and this club’

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has revealed that the fans of the club are the main motivation for the team to have won the title in the Premier League. The Brazilian joined the Reds from AS Roma and has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. At first the goalkeeper only wanted to win the Champions League with the Reds, but after talking to fans and seeing their wish to win the league he decided to use that as his main motivation.

“When I arrived here before Liverpool, I always had the Champions League as my biggest goal,” he said. “You always want to win the league obviously, but the Champions League is the biggest thing achievement that a player can have for his club. But when I arrived here, I heard people saying ‘why do we want the Champions League, we want the league!’. And I always said ‘no, I want both!’.”

“That started coming into my veins, and I wanted to go for that. We were close the season before (last season). We had this feeling that it was nearly there and we could do it. We won the Champions League and that gave us confidence to win the league for the people and the club. It was a long wait that everybody had, but we’ve won at the right time.”