Buffon: ‘I targeted 10 Scudetti, since two of them were stolen’

Juventus managed to become the first club in a top five league to have secured nine consecutive league titles. Veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon officially won his eight title with the Bianconeri, though the goalkeeper says he has won his tenth. Juventus were stripped of two titles after a big match fixing scandal in Italy.

Juventus were put back in the Serie B and the Italian football association took away two league titles. But Buffon has never accepted it. “I’m happy. It was important for me to close the drawers, otherwise something would have remained unfinished,” Buffon told Corriere dello Sport. “I had a target of reaching 10 Scudetti, since two of them were stolen.”

“I did it. Even the record of appearances pleases me. But it hasn’t been an easy year. I have always adapted, I’m altruistic by nature. But I had to deal with what I represented, and I still think I represent. I put myself to the test. I’m proud of myself, because I passed. I always disliked the arrogant and this was a way to test me, to be able to say I’m not.”