Conte: ‘People might think that everything I touch turns into gold’

Internazionale head coach Antonio Conte has urged fans and media to lower their expectations. The Nerazzurri are looking to finish second in the Serie A behind Juventus in Conte’s first season in charge. The former Chelsea and Juventus boss insists that finishing second in his first season is not a bad result even though fans would have expected more following the arrival of Conte last summer.

Talking to reporters after Inter beat Napoli 2-0, Conte said: “The problem is that I can’t be the one describing the history of Inter. That’s what you journalists and pundits are for, to see the figures and explain the work that has been done. I also realise that my presence creates high expectations and that can affect the way some results are viewed. People might think that the moment I arrive, what I touch turns to gold. It happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean it always will.”

“I believe I’m very honest when I speak and at times that can irritate people. I understand that attacking me brings notoriety to some who seek the spotlight and I hear things said about my work that offend my professionalism. I can make mistakes, but I will always have passion and try to accelerate situations I am called into. When people lie or try to frame things in a certain way, that is damaging to everyone.”