Fernandinho: ‘Guardiola wanted to coach Brazil to become World champions’

Manchester City veteran midfielder Fernandinho has revealed that Pep Guardiola once had the ambition to manage the national team of Brazil. The Man City coach has never made it a secret that he has the desire to become a national team coach at one point of his career. Fernandinho has now revealed that Guardiola offered himself to become Brazil’s coach.

He told ESPN: “Pep said he wanted to make Brazil a World Cup champion and had an entire strategy to make us a world champion. But they didn’t want it, because they said that they didn’t know if Brazil would accept a foreign coach. Once we talked about it, but in a very informal way, more in review. Mainly because of the news that came out in Brazil that claimed he had said that he would like to train Brazil.”

“But I believe it is a bit impossible. He said he thinks Brazil and Argentina should always have Brazilian and Argentine coaches. We produce so many players, we have the capacity to produce great coaches. Within the more informal conversation I believe it is difficult, but in football there is no certainty about anything.”