Guardiola: ‘This Liverpool squad is the toughest side I have ever faced’

Pep Guardiola has hailed Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as the toughest opponents he has ever faced during his managerial career. The Spaniard has been managing at the highest level ever since he stepped into the game as a coach and would know a thing or two about the squads he has faced.

Speaking with DAZN, Guardiola admits Liverpool is the toughest team he has ever faced. “Yes, by a big margin, the toughest rival I have faced in my career was the Liverpool team of last year and this season. It dominates all the records. If you allow them to dominate you, they will cage you in the area and you don’t come out. When you dominate them, they run finding spaces like no one else does”

“They are very fast at going back. They are very strong in terms of strategy. Their players are mentally very strong. It’s the rival that I’ve had to think more about how to beat them. If you ask me which team I’ve had more difficulty to decipher and deal with, that’s Liverpool”, Guardiola added. “The first few years when I arrive to England, Liverpool was a little smaller than it is now and Real Madrid was much stronger. Now, this Liverpool is the toughest that I’ve encountered in my career as coach.”