Lampard: ‘I don’t need a call from the owner if we win the FA Cup’

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says he does not need a phone call from club owner Roman Abramovich if they win the FA Cup. Lampard will be trying to land his first major trophy as a manager and the former midfielder, who won the FA Cup four times during his career, says he is not expecting a call or contact with the owner before the game.

“I don’t need a phone call, or a message, or recognition like that because I feel the support from the owner”, Lamprd told reporters. “I have felt it from him from the moment I took the job. I felt it for many years as a player. I am happy if I can make him happy.

Chelsea secured a spot in the Champions League last week and hopes to land a trophy through the FA Cup. “Last Sunday was a step forward in where we are right now and I want to continue making those steps. I grew up watching FA Cup finals and winning goals and I remember them all very well. I can’t recount them all now, but if you gave me five minutes I could sit down and pretty much list them all through the 90s.”