Bartomeu: ‘This team has not lost their ambition, they are the best’

FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has defended the squad of his club during an interview with Sport. The Catalans lost the league title to Real Madrid this season and their performances of late have been anything but impressive. The team has received many criticism and it has been suggested that they lack the ambition to perform.

“I really don’t agree when people say that this group of players, who are over 30, have lost their ambition”, Bartomeu said. “They’re the best. They play really well, train hard and make an effort. Of course they have ambition. The best combination is mixing their experience with what’s coming next. Their ambition is intact with a desire to win. Sometimes they get angry and make comments but that’s because they are competitive and want to win.”

“The older players are still ambitious: I’m not talking about just Leo, but also Suarez, Pique, Alba, Busquets, etc. Those players who are already in their 30s”, he added. “But we can’t forget about others like Lenglet, Dembele, ter Stegen and Semedo, who are still young. Now three more youngsters are coming in, including Matheus, and three who are being promoted from the B side. The arrival of seven players in one year, if we include Pjanic, isn’t bad. It’s a third of the squad.”