Former Spurs ace: ‘Harry Kane would be foolish not to consider a transfer’

Harry Kane should be considering to leave Tottenham Hotspur at some point in his career if he wants to win trophies, says former Spurs ace Jermaine Jenas. Kane has yet to claim silverware with Tottenham, who won their last trophy in 2008. Jenas feels that Kane should be mirroring himself to Gareth Bale and Kyle Walker, who both decided to leave the club and started to win trophies at Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Talking to the Daily Mail, Jenas said: “I do feel like it is a similar situation [to Bale]. I love Harry, he’s one of the best strikers in Europe but I also look at his career. I speak to Alan Shearer a lot about the decisions he made in his career and he stands by them and has no regrets, he loves the fact that he played for his boyhood team and what he did for Newcastle and there’s a lot to be respected for that and Harry has a lot of that in him also.”

“But there’s a lot of me that’s kind of looking around and going, look at what Kyle Walker has done since leaving – he’s gone and won two Premier League titles and could get to a Champions League final this year, he’s achieving things in his career and Harry is only picking up more and more injuries every year. I personally would encourage Harry to start having a little look and considering another move simply from a selfish point of view as a player.”

“Hopefully he doesn’t, I really hope he is more of a mindset of what Shearer which was ‘I love this club, I love being here and I want to be here for the rest of my career’, but it’s hard for me to think without my footballer’s head-on in terms of what I think would be best for him. I only say that because I feel like Tottenham is going in the wrong direction in comparison to where Kane is going and if the ambition is not met between both club and player, I think it’s well within the player’s right to go a different way.”