Lampard bemoans Premier League start date: ‘Players in need of a rest’

Frank Lampard is not happy with the start dates of the new Premier League season. The Blues wrapped up the season last week and had to play the FA Cup final on Sunday. Later this week Chelsea will play Bayern Munich in the return of the round of 16 in the Champions League.

Chelsea lost the first game 3-0 and it is likely that Lampard’s side will be knocked out of the European tournament. But even if the Blues are forced out of the tournament by the German giants they will only have five weeks left until the start of the new Premier League season, which is set to start on September 12.

Lampard isn’t too happy about the situation and urges the Premier League to rethink their schedule for next season. “I would like to think the Premier League would look seriously at that. Hopefully they give us a fair start next season. Even in a worst-case scenario, we don’t go through against Bayern, the 12th feels too early for me for the players to start playing again.”