Wenger has two favourites for Champions League win: ‘Man City and PSG’

Former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger says there are two big favourites to win the Champions League this summer. The European tournament is set for a return this week after a five month break due to the corona crisis pandemic. The current chief of Global Football development at the FIFA says that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are the leading favourites to win the trophy.

Talking to Europe 1 he said about the CL return: “When you are playing a match against Atalanta or Atletico Madrid, anything can happen. But for me, Manchester City and PSG are the two favorites in terms of their potential.” City holds a 2-1 lead over Real Madrid in their round of 16, while PSG have already secured a quarter final and will play Atalanta.

Despite the Parisians have Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, Wenger feels PSG are weaker than a few years back. “I feel they are a little bit less strong than three or four years ago,” added Wenger. “In terms of their holistic set-up, they were maybe a bit more complete three to four years ago, in all positions.”

“The competition was stronger as well. But I think that there has been a general decline in the quality of European football at the very, very, very highest level and they are still amongst the two or three best in Europe. We shouldn’t be looking for false reasons why PSG have not yet won the Champions League. Even Real Madrid didn’t win it sometimes during 10 to 15 years, then they won it three times in a row.”