Lewandowski hails Klopp: ‘He is my favourite and after that Pep Guardiola’

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski has hailed his former manager Jurgen Klopp. The two worked together at Borussia Dortmund and managed to win two titles together. Lewandowski has told reporters the current Liverpool manager is his favourite manager he has ever worked under.

“I think…Jurgen Klopp [is my favorite] and after that Pep Guardiola. 100 percent,” Lewandowski said when asked about his favourite manager. “[Klopp] has two faces. You can see that he is kind of like a father, but the second part is like a coach, a manager. He can tell you everything — and I’m not speaking about the good things — about the bad things.”

“Also for [players], he is a huge motivation. He makes this perfect, because he knows where there is this line where he can [push you] more or a little bit less. His performance as a coach is amazing, but not only as a coach but also as a man.” Both Lewandowski and Klopp had a successful season with Bayern Munich and Liverpool both winning the title.