Manuel Neuer wants Thiago to stay at Bayern Munich: ‘He is our engine’

Manuel Neuer hopes that Thiago Alcantara will have a change of heart and decides to stay with Bayern Munich next season. The Spanish midfielder has told Bayern he will not extend his current deal beyond next summer leaving the club with no choice but to sell him. Liverpool have been linked with Thiago, but Neuer hopes the midfielder will stay.

“I hope that it won’t be one of the last matches of Thiago,” Neuer said. “He had to undergo surgery at the end of the season but now he’s back and 100 per cent. He’s a very valuable player for us, especially in ball possession. He’s very important for us. He’s our engine in midfield actually.”

After Bayern already completed the national double, Neuer is keen on adding the Champions League to complete the famous treble. “We’re still hungry and still committed. We have the objective right in front of us. First we have to overcome Chelsea and then it’s the knockout stage. They are very high calibre clubs in this competition. We know from our experiences with the national team, for example, that every mistake could cost a lot and you have to really pay attention.”