‘Messi will come up against the current best player in the world: Lewandowski’

Former German football icon Lothar Matthaus says Robert Lewandowski currently is the best player in the world ahead of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona will be meeting in the Champions League this week and Matthaus is certain that the Germans will have the upper hand as they have Lewandowski on their team.

“Messi will come up against his successor as the best player in football: Robert Lewandowski. He’s the best player, not just the best striker,” Matthaus said. “The Barça of today isn’t the same as before. They’ve got Messi, of course. He’s someone who is always capable of doing something special but he alone isn’t enough to beat this Bayern. Barça don’t scare me.”

“Naturally, Barça have the quality to produce their best in a one-off match”, Matthaus added. “But I think Bayern have to make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of things wrong to lose against this Barcelona side.” Bayern and Barcelona have played each other ten times in Europe, with eight of these encounters being in the Champions League. Bayern have won six of these games, Barcelona won two and two games ended in a draw.