De Bruyne responds on Messi rumours: ‘I don’t care we did not sign him’

Kevin de Bruyne says he doesn’t care that Manchester City weren’t able to sign Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona this summer. The Argentinian wanted to leave the Spanish giants and City were the club that was put forward as the most likely destination. De Bruyne says he would always welcome a player like Messi, but also that he isn’t interested in the rumours that was linking the forward to City.

“To be honest I didn’t really think about it,” De Bruyne said after he was asked if he hoped Messi would have signed. “If it could have happened, it would have happened. If you can get Messi to your team you are always going to do it. I can see it from a playing perspective and especially as a club.”

“Business wise, the amount of sponsors and money it would have attracted would have been huge. Even if you would have paid him a load of money, in a certain way you would get it all back. So I could understand the decision (to try) in that respect.” At the end Messi decided to stay with Barcelona as he failed to come to an agreement with the club.

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