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Eric Dier: ‘Talk with Mourinho convinced me to sign a new deal at Spurs’

Eric Dier has revealed that a talk with Jose Mourinho about his playing position at Tottenham Hotspur has convinced him to stay with the London club. The England international has played as both a central defender as a defensive midfielder since he joined Tottenham from Sporting Portugal and he has now admitted that a talk with Mourinho in November convinced him to extend his contract with the club.

“I spoke to Mauricio Pochettino last season, as for many years we had spoken about me playing as a centre-back, and that was where I was going to gradually move to”, Dier told GQ. “And we had a really great conversation: I said, ‘I think it’s my best position, I think I can develop into something very, very good there. But it has to be now, otherwise I think I have to find another solution.’ And we talked for about two hours. He was really happy that I’d come to him and I had made that decision in my own mind. And the last couple of games before he left, I played at centre-back.”

Pochettino was then sacked in December and replaced with Mourinho. “When the new manager came in I started that dialogue again with Mourinho and for me that was the biggest part of wanting to stay at Tottenham and sign the new deal – it was purely footballing. I was really happy that Mourinho would give me the opportunity to play centre-back again and to prove myself there. I’m really excited. ”

The England international is very excited to the first full season under Mourinho and he is confident that the Portuguese manager will help the club win silverware. “There’s no doubt in my mind that with Mourinho, in every competition we play, he’s gonna be playing to win it, you know? And that’s all you can ask for really. We are extremely motivated to right a lot of wrongs from last season.”

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