Lewandowski vows to push Sane: ‘I see his massive potential’

Robert Lewandowski has vowed to constantly push Leroy Sane in training to ensure he will be able to fulfill his potential. The 24-year-old German winger moved back to the Bundesliga after joining Bayern Munich in a €40m transfer from Manchester City. Sane is set to make his debut for the club on Friday when they play his boyhood club Schalke 04 on the opening day of the 2020-21 Bundesliga season.

“I want to push him hard in every single training to make him realise what he doesn’t know he has”, the Lewandowski said during a media Zoom call on Tuesday. “I want him to work harder to show something special because he’s an amazing guy and I think with him we can play another tactical system very well. That’s why I see his massive potential and in my experience you have to push these players to make them play better and better. I know he has huge talent and if you work hard and train at 100 per cent then you will become a better player.”

Bayern had an incredibly short off season to prepare for the 2020-21 campaign after they managed to win the Champions League by beating Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 on August 23. Less than a month later the team will start the new season. The most memorable match for Bayern during the short Champions League tournament in Portugal was unquestionably the 8-2 trashing of FC Barcelona. Lewandowski hasn’t forgotten the game yet.

“Before the Barcelona game we were talking about how we were feeling and we felt we were very strong before we got to Portugal”, he added. “I spoke with one player and he said ‘we are going to win 5-1’. I said ‘okay, that would be great’. We knew we were the strongest team and playing well. It didn’t matter how many goals we had scored we wanted more. Everyone here knew we could win the Champions League this time and then it happened.”

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