Thiago Alcantara - Liverpool

Klopp delighted with Thiago signing: ‘Great, absolutely great!’

Jurgen Klopp is delighted that Liverpool managed to sign Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich. The Spanish midfielder has signed a long-term contract with the Reds in a transfer worth €30m. Thiago was presented to the media on Friday and he could be making his first team debut next week. Talking to Liverpool’s official website Klopp expressed his delight at the club’s new No. 6.

“Great! Absolutely great. I’m really happy that it finally worked out and we could just do it. It’s very exceptional because in our situation, a lot of people around us talk constantly – ‘What are you doing? – bam, bam, bam. Then preparing something like this, working on all different things you have to work in a transfer like this – with thinking about a player like him already is a joy, to be honest, because it gives us obviously some options.”

“Then you get in contact with the boy and then you realise, OK, he obviously likes this project as well pretty much, even before he is here, which was really nice. I learned more and more about him as a person; the player I knew before, the person I learned. So I’m really happy to bring this wonderful person in as an add-on to the squad, which is just good for football reasons – but for all the other reasons as well. So, yeah, absolutely happy that he’s here.”

Klopp is happy that he has brought a new type of player to his squad.  “He can demand rhythm, that’s how it is. He can obviously create and use space for other players, all these kinds of things. First touch incredible; vision incredible; passing pretty good! But is quick as well. Work-rate great. His numbers were absolutely special last year in Germany as well, most steals, ball recoveries and all these kinds of things; most passes.”

“But we don’t play like Bayern, so that still will need some time to get settled and nobody should expect – and I don’t expect – the special things immediately, first game, let’s see. It’s a long-term project and we have a good team, so we can give time. But, of course, we want to use him on the pitch, that’s clear. So the work can start now.”

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