Zlatan Ibrahimovic - AC Milan

Ibrahimovic after brace for Milan: ‘If I was 20 it would have been 4 goals’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic showed his class on Monday as the Swedish striker scored two goals to help AC Milan win their first Serie A match of the season against Bologna. The veteran striker scored both goals in Milan’s 2-0 win, scoring a header in the first half and then finishing the score in the second half from a penalty. He nearly made a hat-trick which would have made him the oldest-ever player to score three or more goals in a single game.

He failed to claim that record against Bologna but that didn’t Ibrahimovic. “I’m fine, I’m working, this is the second official match,” Ibrahimovic told Sky Sport Italia after the game. “We won, I could have scored more goals. If I was 20, I would have scored another two. I’m like Benjamin Button, I was born old and I die young.”

Ibrahimovic insisted that he and his teammates are still working on their fitness after a short preseason. “We are not yet at 100 per cent, we still made some mistakes that we usually wouldn’t. Today it was important to win the first game and start well. Our goal is to do better than last year. The young players are doing well; they work, they listen, they have discipline, they know that you have to suffer, work and be focused every day.”

“This year we have to think one game at a time and do well, play confidently and play every game like a final. The goal is to stay high in the table. I like to have responsibility. The biggest pressure comes from myself. I don’t want anyone to talk about my age, I want everyone to be judged on the same level – I don’t want any favours because I’m 38.”

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