Mourinho wants Alli to follow example of Ndombele: ‘Exactly what I want’

José Mourinho says he wants Dele Alli to take an example of Tanguy Ndombele. Alli has fallen down the pecking order at Tottenham Hotspur lately and that had led to a series of rumours of the midfielder leaving the club. Alli’s situation can be compared to that of Ndombele, who also struggled with his form and was left out of the team. The French midfielder fought his way back under Mourinho and has now established himself as a starter at Spurs.

Ahead of Spurs’ league game against Newcastle United Mourinho has praised Ndombele for the way he has handled himself.
“I say all the time, when a player improves it’s a player’s responsibility, it’s the player’s credit. It’s not the coach who makes the miracle. The player that does that by himself, to understand what he has to understand and go in the right direction that he has to go. Tanguy, step by step, is doing very well.”

Asked if Ndombele’s reaction is what he also wants from Alli, Mourinho said: “Yes, that’s what I want. I don’t want players to moan, I don’t want players to feel frustrated, I don’t want players to feel that I have something against them when I don’t pick them up.”

“I want players to fight for the minutes that they want to be on the pitch and when you play for Tottenham, you have to understand that Tottenham wants to be better and better and the rewards are going to be better and better and the players cannot have a comfortable position on the pitch.”

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