Thiago Alcantara - Liverpool

Klopp praises new signing Thiago: ‘He plays like a kid when he has the ball’

Jurgen Klopp is still delighted with the arrival of Thiago Alcantara. The Spanish midfielder signed from Bayern Munich two weeks ago and has already broken the Premier League record for successful passes in a single game. Ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Arsenal on Monday, Klopp singled out Thiago and he praised his midfielder for his attitude on the pitch and his professionalism and maturity off the pitch.

“Thiago is obviously a very good football player,” Klopp told Sky Sports. “You saw it [against Chelsea]. Some things are natural for him that are not natural for other players, but we won the league and we won the Champions League without Thiago. He won it with Bayern, so obviously it is a good fit I would say, but we now have to get used to each other.”

“There are very special things [he has that separates him from others] in world football. His vision is exceptional, pair that with pretty good technical skills, and a nice passing ability and these kinds of things, and you become a really interesting package. That’s what Thiago is. On top of that as a guy, he couldn’t be better.”

“It’s incredible, when you give him a ball, he is still a kid. When you take the ball away he is a really mature and experienced football person, who is interested in a lot of things, tactics and all these kind of things. He wants to learn which is very important.” Thiago could be making his debut in Liverpool’s starting line-up when the Reds face Arsenal at Anfield on Monday.

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