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Marseille defender hits out at Neymar for ‘disrespectful’ comments

Olympique Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez has hit out at Neymar. The Spaniard clashed with the Paris Saint-Germain star last month in the heated confrontation between PSG and Marseille in the Ligue 1. The match ended in a 1-0 win for Marseille but also saw a massive brawl which resulted in five players being sent off. After that game Neymar, who received a red card himself, accused Gonzalez of racism. The French disciplinary committee said there wasn’t enough evidence for the alleged racism and did not serve any bans.

Talking to Onda Cero, Gonzalez elaborates on the behaviour of the Brazilian superstar during the match. The 30-year-old defender reveals that the PSG forward tried to provoke him during the match. “Neymar said he earns as much in one day as I earn in a year. And that’s right. I told him I was very happy with my salary. Neymar’s whole performance that day was unhappy, it was full of provocations”, says Gonzalez.

The Spaniard still denies he made racial comments at Neymar. “I am not a racist at all. I was just better than him that match. He did not know what to do with the situation. You have to learn how to deal with loss and know when to hold back,” the defender said. He hopes that the accusations will not affect his further career as a footballer. “I will not allow my career and I as a person to be humiliated.”

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