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Man United and Liverpool are pushing to change English football pyramid

Football clubs in England are currently in talks about the current format of the football pyramid. The Telegraph reports that ‘Project Big Picture’ would see a massive change to the set-up of the Premier League and all lower divisions. The report also claims that Manchester United and Liverpool are favouring the new plans and are pushing for a complete revamp of the league structure in England.

At this moment clubs in the Premier League are working on a support package for clubs in the Football League to help them through the losses suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic. This package includes a €275m support fund and another €110m would be heading to the FA and the women’s leagues. If that plan is agreed that would mean that the clubs in the Premier League having control over the rest of the English leagues and its structure.

According to the report by the Telegraph the clubs in the Premier League are ready to change the structure of the English football ladder. There are five major talking points at the moment. These are:

  • Bringing back the Premier League from 20 to 18 clubs
  • Canceling the EFL League Cup and Community Shield
  • Revamp to Premier League voting, giving big clubs more power
  • Changing the play-off system
  • A €22 cap on away tickets

An alternative plan is that the League Cup could continue but without clubs playing European football, while it has also been discussed for the tournament to start later in the season or even a special short tournament during the summer as a preparation on the new football season.

The change for the voting is the most controversial change. At this moment all 20 Premier League clubs are able to vote and 14 votes are needed to changes to pass. In the new system only the 9 longest serving clubs will be able to vote. That would be the ‘big six’ plus Everton, Southampton and West Ham United. In this structure six of the nine clubs will have to vote for a change for it to be enforced.

Promotion play-offs to the Premier League are also looking to be changed in the new system. Two teams will still be promoted automatically  but now the 16th-placed Premier League team will be joining the third, fourth and fifth-placed Championship clubs in the play-offs. That would mean that one play-off spot would be cut, while a Premier League team will be able to avoid relegation through the play-offs.

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