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Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘I did not break any corona rules’

Cristiano Ronaldo has slammed the suggestions that he has broken the corona rules by travelling back from Portugal despite testing positive on the coronavirus. The 35-year-old was tested positive while on international duty and he missed Portugal’s Nations League match against Sweden. After testing positive Ronaldo flew back to Turin to be with his family and self-isolate.

“I did not break any protocol,” he said on Instagram “They’re saying that I broke Italian laws but it’s all a lie. I spoke with my team and we have the responsibility to do things right. Everything was done with authorisation.”

”Principally for the Italian man whose name I’m not going to say, it’s a lie, I abided by all the protocols.” He added: “I’m on one floor and my children are on another. For the next ten days it’s going to be like that.

“It’s difficult not to be in contact with them, but we have to respect the rules.”

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