Josep Maria Bartomeu - FC Barcelona

Dates set for vote of no confidence against Barcelona president

FC Barcelona have suggested that the vote for the motion of no confidence against club president Josep Maria Bartomeu are to take place on 1 and 2 November. The club have officially suggested the two days to the General Secretary of Sport of the Generalitat. The suggestion made by the club covers both a day during the weekend (Sunday) and a week day (Monday) and this should attract a wide range of members.

After the club finished counting the votes a total of 20.687 votes were gathered for the motion against Bartomeu. This number easily passed the needed 16.250 votes and Bartomeu will now face the vote of no confidence. If two-thirds of the members of Barcelona vote against the current president he will be forced to step down from his job and a new board will need to be elected.

The position of Bartomeu has come under great scrutiny in recent times following a season without any silverware, an accusation of corruption and the attempt of Lionel Messi to leave the club. His term as club president will officially end next year with elections called for March, but a group of fans want to force an earlier exit this year.

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