European giants in talks to start their own ‘European Premier League’

Mohamed Salah - Liverpool

On the same day it was announced that the UEFA are thinking about changing the setup of the Champions League in the future, Sky Sports have revealed that several European giants are considering to start their own ‘European Premier League’. Clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United and clubs from Spain and Germany are talking about the possibility of creating their own super league.

The report claims that the clubs are very serious about the tournament and even hope to set up the competitor to the Champions League within the next two to three years. The tournament would even be backed by the FIFA and will include 18 of the best teams across the best European competitions, including England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

The clubs are also in talks with financiers and it has been suggested that plans for the financial package have reached the advanced stage. A total of €5billion will be used to start the tournament i the coming years. The fixtures of the new ‘European Premier League’ should be played during the regular European competition with a knock-out tournament during the summer to decide the winner.

The FIFA and the group of clubs are expected to make a first announcement of their plans as soon as the end of October. A source close to the organisation has described the potential new league as a ‘real bombshell’ that could be one of the most important developments in the world of football. It has also been suggested that this new league will usurp the Champions League, something that the UEFA desperately wants to avoid.

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