Robinho - Brazil

Former Milan star Robinho should be jailed immediately, says minister

Former Real Madrid, AC Milan and Manchester City star Robinho should be fearing a jail sentence in his home nation Brazil, the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights in the nation has said. The former Brazil international was convicted to rape in 2017 in Italy, with the court handing a nine year jail sentence to the forward. The appeal is still ongoing and should be completed somewhere in 2021.

Robinho has always insisted that he is not guilty and he has vowed to fight the conviction. He allegedly raped a 22-year-old women in a nightclub in Milan in 2013. Four years later the Brazilian was convicted but he never served any jail time. But hat should change: “Prison immediately, I have no more to say. There is still an appeal, but…What more do you want? Prison. No rapist can be applauded,” Alves told reporters, cited by Marca.

The 36-year-old forward returned to Brazil last month as he signed a contract with his boyhood club Santos. The contract, however, was terminated after one week as the club was heavily criticised for contracting a convicted rapist. They then ended the deal after just seven days and in an official statement the club insisted that by ending his contract the forward would be able to concentrate on his case.

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