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UPDATE – Paul Pogba slams English tabloids over ‘fake news’

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has reportedly decided that he will end his career at the France national team with immediate effect. It has been suggested that the midfielder has reacted furiously on the statements by French president Emmanuel Macron that the ‘Islam was the source of all international terrorism’. Various news sources from the Middle-East have reported that Pogba has decided to quit the national team.

Pogba is a Muslim and he has reportedly reacted angrily to the comments of Macron during his speech at the memorial of the French teacher that was murdered last week: Samuel Paty. The president said that Paty was murdered ‘because Islamists want our future’ and last month he described the Islam as a religion in ‘crisis’. Macron also called the act a ‘monstrous Islamic terror act’. It has been suggested that Pogba has considered these comments as an attack on him and other French Muslims.

The Man United star and the French football association FFF have not responded to the rumours that Pogba is ready to quit the national team. Paty was a victim of terrorism. The history teacher was followed and killed while he was traveling to his house by an 18-year-old man, who killed Paty for showing cartoons of the Islamic profit Mohammed during a class on freedom of speech.

UPDATE – Paul Pogba slams English tabloids over ‘fake news’

Paul Pogba has made a statement following the news that the French midfielder would be considering his international career with the French national team. On Instagram has he has hit out at the English tabloids for spreading fake news. “I am against any and all forms of terror and violence. My religion is one of peace and love. Unfortunately, some people don’t act responsibly when writing the news, abusing their press freedom, not verifying if what they write/reproduce is true, creating a gossip chain without caring it affects people’s lives and my life.”

“I am taking legal action against the publishers and spreaders of these Fake News. And in a quick shout out to The Sun, who normally could not care less: some of you guys probably went to school and will remember how your teacher said to always check your sources, don’t write without making sure. But hey, seems you did it again and in a very serious topic this time, shame on you!”

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