Frank Lampard - Chelsea

Lampard not fearing ‘sack threats’ at Chelsea: ‘I only look at what is in front’

Frank Lampard says he isn’t thinking about the threat of getting sacked at Chelsea. The former midfielder returned to the club last year as the first-team manager after spending several years away from the club as a player and later on as the manager of Derby County. Lampard say she knows there always is pressure on his shoulder, but also insists that doesn’t fear to lose his job.

“The lucky thing for me, without trying to sound too comfortable, is my football career put me in a decent position. So, if that job is taken away from me, as long as I go in with every minute thinking, ‘Can I do the best job?’ I genuinely think if it got taken away from me, you get the sack, you can’t get another job – if I’ve done the best as I can, I will be pretty happy.”

“I’ll be disappointed and look back at the million things I could have done better, but as it stands now, what’s in front of me, I’m thinking about our next game.” In his first season as manager of Chelsea he managed to finish in the top four of the Premier League and he managed to reach the FA Cup final, which was eventually lost to Arsenal.

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