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Kane believes in title chances for Spurs: ‘We are in a very good spot’

Harry Kane has praised Jose Mourinho for changing the club’s mentality. The England captain firmly believes that the Portuguese manager has brought out the best in him and his teammates. Tottenham have enjoyed one of the best season starts in the club’s history and are currently in second place on the Premier League table. While Kane believes Spurs have a real chance on silverware this season, he also points out that it is still early on in the season.

“We’ve got a long, long way to go,” Kane told Press Association. “A long old season. I think, as proven in my career so far, it takes a lot to get over the line. We haven’t quite done that yet. We’ve been close a few times so we know there’s going to be a lot of hard work from now until then to do that. It’s been a good start. Obviously, we lost the first game against Everton which was disappointing, but since then we’ve been unbeaten in the league.”

“Even the dropped points we had against West Ham and Newcastle with last-minute goals should have been wins from our point of view. We’re playing well. I still think that we can improve and get better but obviously we’re second in the league. We’re in November, there’s still a lot of games to play, but we’re in a good spot.”

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