Frank Lampard - Chelsea

Lampard prepared to change training in respons of dementia fears

Frank Lampard has admitted he is prepared to change the way Chelsea trains in order to fight the growing concerns about football and dementia. England legend Sir Bobby Charlton was diagnosed with dementia recently and that re-opened the discussion that footballers are more likely to develop dementia as a result of heading the ball. However, clubs aren’t expected to make any changes to their training yet.

Lampard was asked about the discussion on dementia on Thursday and he said:¬†“The rules need to be stronger to make sure we’re not making younger children head it if they don’t need to. In the development game, that’s more than possible. We have to start with youth football. When children are developing, we can control the levels of training. Anything we can do to make things safer, we should.”

“I think we can work up the pyramid. Already, I’m certainly considering it in terms of how we train here because of the seriousness of the issue. At the professional level, the small gains are huge and we need to make sure we’re working under the same guidelines and trust each other that we are. At the moment, there are no guidelines. It has to be something that goes across the board.”

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