Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona

‘Messi will only be staying at Barcelona if they win the Champions League’

Lionel Messi will only consider to extend his stay with FC Barcelona if they manage to win the Champions League, says former forward Rivaldo. Messi attempted to leave Barcelona during the summer due to a troubled relationship with the club’s board. The move failed and Messi decided to stay at the club for the final 12 months of his contract. Speculations on his future continue to intensify as clubs will be able to approach Messi from January.

Rivaldo knows that it will be difficult for Barcelona to convince Messi to stay. “Barcelona had already negotiated some salary cuts with players and also tried to make a general cut that was declined by the squad, so, this is not new for the players,” the ex-Barca forward told Betfair.¬†“But it does reinforce the idea that reaching an agreement to renew Messi’s contract is going to be tough with a reduced margin to increase his salary.”

“Of course, Messi will have better offers from other clubs, and was already trying to leave the club by the end of last season. I can’t see how our board will convince him to take a step back on that decision. In my opinion, only winning a Champions League or La Liga title this season, or watching Koeman getting the team playing beautiful football can convince Messi to reconsider his options. Unfortunately I’m afraid this will be his last season with the club.”

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