Andrea Pirlo - Juventus

Juventus boss says time for excuses is over: ‘Adaptation period is over’

Andrea Pirlo says the time for apologies is over at Juventus. The Italian champions have enjoyed a precarious start to the new season and they sit in a disappointing fifth place after seven games in the Serie A. Pirlo has decided to increase the pressure on his players and indicates that he is counting on his team to achieve a series of good results in the league and Champions League until Christmas.

Ahead of meeting Cagliari, the coach said: “It’s a fundamental game. We come from inactivity due to the national teams, but we need it for our growth. Now, our championship must start, the adaptation period is over, and we will have 10 games to play as if they were Finals until Christmas. Starting with tomorrow, I want to see a different fighting spirit. Playing with great strength to achieve results.”

He added: “I hope the experiments are over. I have had the opportunity to work with players who are super willing to talk and to make technical and tactical changes, and that satisfies me. Then, depending on the matches, maybe something will always change, some movements by someone, but let’s first give an energetic and straight impression.”

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