Mario Balotelli - Brescia

Balotelli finds new club: ‘For our fans he could be like Maradona’

Mario Balotelli appears to have found a new club. The Italian striker has been a free agent ever since his contract at Brescia was terminated last summer. Balotelli has been actively looking to sign with a club for weeks and he has been linked with moves to Fiorentina, Parma and several clubs outside of Italy. It now seems that the former Manchester City striker is on his way to Brazil.

Fabio Cordella, director of sport at Brazilian club Vasco da Gama, claims that he and his club have reached and agreement with Balotelli, but that the deal can’t be finalised at this moment. “He’d like to come here, don’t forget Vasco are the second club with most trophies in the world after Real Madrid. I don’t think Mario needs to come to Rio to do stupid things, I think he has reached mental maturity.”

“Vasco are an institution against racism. I hope he can wait for us,” he continued. “Officially, we cannot sign anyone, but there were exchanges of mail and offers. Formally, we agree on everything, we just have to formalise. I hope I can do it on January 15, Vasco need a player like Balotelli and he needs a club like Vasco. For our fans he would be like [Diego Armando] Maradona.”

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