Barcelona president: ‘SuperLeague is still very much a live project’

Joan Laporta - FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta believes the new Super League is still an option for the future despite the plans crashing within 48 hours of its initial launch. Earlier this year twelve clubs launched the project that would replace the Champions League at some point. The UEFA reacted aggressively and soon after the first announcement, most clubs decided to pull out of the plans.

All English teams pulled out of the project, while Atletico Madrid and Internazionale also pulled out of the plans. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remained, making it very unlikely that the plans will ever be realised. But Laporta believes that it is still a possibility. “It’s a live project. The three clubs that defended it, we continue winning in the tribunals. UEFA cannot impede it. What happened could have been presented better.”

But then again the project is destined to fail. The Premier League clubs all promised fans and the FA to never get involved in the Super League again. Also, the owners of the clubs have agreed with the Premier League that now clubs are allowed to be involved in any kind of new league without permission of the UEFA and national football associations.

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